Saturday, August 16

World of Warcraft trick: Mind Control - Reflective Shield

First of all this might not be an exploit but i didn't know were else to put it.

When u have the Reflective shield talent in the Discipline tree it works.
Reflective shield Dmges the target for 50% of the dmg he did to u while u were shielded.

lets say ur in arena, u shield urself and mind control one. then when u do Shadow word: Death against the other target in arena u will lose the MC but not only did u do lets say 1k with SWD, but because of the MCing u also deal 500 Dmg extra because of your reflective shield.

I don't understand why it does it, so i maybe thought this was an exploit..

P.S The dmg looks fake, but thats the Font i use, u can put in ur own dmg fonts with an addon :PFor the ones that are interested: xDamageFont World of Warcraft Addons Curse

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