Thursday, August 14

Use colours in chat (where you are allowed to link quests)

Discovered today with a guildmate while messing about with links:

There appears to be a bug with the chat parser so that you can trick it into thinking you're linking a quest and it'll color the text behind it with the quest's level.

This lets you use: grey, green, yellow, orange and red.

How to do:
put this in front of what you want to colour:

    cffffff00|Hquest:0:XX Text here

In a usual colour operation, cffffff00 would mean the colour of the text, but in this case, it is ignored (but it has to be there!)
Replace the XX with a level.
What they see depends on their level: a level 70 will see grey text if XX is 61 or less, green if between 62 and 67, yellow if between 68 and 72, orange if 73 or 74, red if 75 or above.

The cffffff00 part won't be visible to them (so they can't copy how to do this), but they will see |Hquest:0:XX And coloured text here.
Tested it with no addons, so it was not one of them causing this. Done on official realms. You can omit the "0" from the string, "cffffff00|Hquest::XX Text" also works.


It works in every channel where you can link quests.

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