Tuesday, August 12

A very easy way to level up your weapon skill

Basically you go to the Dead Scar on the Isle of Quel'Danas (the place where you do the Daily bombing run). The mobs you're looking for here are called Frenzied Ghouls. What's unique about these mobs is that they're just supposed to act as scenery and be in constant combat with the Wrath Enforcers there while you bomb the shit out of them, so naturally Blizzard doesn't want them to kill the Wrath Enforcers too quickly. So what do they do? They lower their damage done immensely. I was getting hit for 2-3 hp as a Rogue with 3000 armor, so if you were wearing anything better, you'd be getting hit for 1 hp.

Coupled with the fact that the K'iru Song of Victory is a passive buff (+79 stamina) and the negliable damage they deal, this is the best place to farm weapon-skill ups in the game. Even as a mediocre geared mail/plate wearer, it would take them oooooover 9000!!!!!!! hits to kill you while you wail on them with a grey [insert weapon type here].

Also, this works doubly awesome as there is a spawn for Adamantite Ore right on the right edge on the Dead Scar that's on a five-six minute timer, so I'm you're a miner, you can essentially camp the node and reap the rewards.

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