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The Complete Guide to Bloodsail Admiral Title

In this guide I will show you the easiest and fastest way to getting the Hat and the new title.


The Bloodsail Admiral title is not an easy title to get most of you will need to kill over 1000 guards its a boring grind but in my opinion its worth every bit of time you put into it. In this guide I will show you ways to solo, group and raid Booty Bay.


The best way to do this (NON RAID) and fastest is to get a group of 3 people with 1 healer. If you can get a good raid of 20 the rep will fly, but sometimes its hard to get that many people.

Things you will need are lots of water (if you want to do this in 1 or 2 nights) and a repair bot (if you can use one.) and swim speed potions, mana potioins and health potions, you will die and get ganked by horde/alliance and you will have to live with it.


This is the hardest part of this grind. If you are at 0/36000 (Some of you are) you will need to kill 1,440 Booty Bay Bruisers. Each time you kill a Bruiser you will lose 125 rep from Booty Bay and gain 25 rep with Bloodsail.

Lets get started. If you are going to solo this is the best way to take some of the guards on 1v1 with out pulling any other guards.

Pull the left guard up into the graveyard and its out of the way of other guards do the same with the guard on the right.

2 Guards patrol the walkway going into Booty Bay pull one at a time out to the graveyard and kill them.

You can pull this guard to you, look out for the pat from behind!

This guard just pull back and kill, after that you can kill McGavan and a guard will come after killing him

After you are done with killing them go out to the entrance and repeat, this is what I did when my friend was gone and it was just me.

Group of 2 or 3
When you are still at Hated with Bloodsail you will still be friendly+ with Booty Bay, the best way to do this is with a group of 2 or 3 and run in and kill the quest givers and other npc this will pull guards, also killing the other faction. If you are in a group of 2 I would not recommend going over 6 guards. You WILL need a healer if you want to go fast.

After you pick up enough guards you think you can kill, DON'T MOVE if you move any more you will get more guards. This is why you don't want to go over 3 people you just get to many guards at one time. (You don't want to go into the INN if you go into the INN with only 3 people it spells death!)

If you have a raid just go balls out on the city, not much for tips but just kill every horde/alliance.

Getting from hated to hostile will take a lot of time. Most of you will need to kill 1000+ guards. This part will test you if you really want to get the title. Just keep killing guards, you don't have to worry about guards popping up just yet.


Getting to unfriendly only takes 120 kills and another 120 to neutral! This would be a good time if you wanted to solo some but still the group of 2-3 works best.

At this point you might be Hated with Booty Bay. If you just stand in Booty Bay a guard will appear. So this is the best place to stand when Hated with Booty Bay. Else just keep killing guards/NPC until hated with Booty Bay.

At this spot the guards wont stop coming out. If they do just kill a quest giver fast. If you find that you are oom or have lots of guards, just jump of the side and pop a swim speed potion.

Doing this method will get you 120 kills fast. Again don't move to far because you will pick up more and more guards as you go. 1 guard will spawn for every member you have in your group.

After you hit unfriendly just keep doing this until neutral and you are almost done! You will need 240 kills in all to get to neutral just keep grinding!


Almost done! Just 6000 more rep to grind. At this point you are 0/36000 with Booty Bay, just keep doing the same strategy as before, and again going any where in Booty Bay will agro guards.

After getting to friendly take a break drink some water and get ready for the last part! You will need to do the quest

FRIENDLY TO Bloodsail Admiral!

Go out to 30,91and talk to Fleet Master Firallon to get the quest Avast Ye, Scallywag, then get Avast Ye, Admiral

ALMOST DONE! Just need to kill Baron Revilgaz and Fleet Master Seahorn. Just work your way up to them with your group. Don't go to fast take your time.

The best way to do this is find someone who is still friendly or above to help kill them with you, so they can walk past all the guards.After you kill them jump off the side, go turn in the quest to Fleet Master Firallon, and GRATZ! You are done go sleep eat and what ever else you need to do because you will have spent a long ass time on this!

I hope you enjoyed reading the guide and I hope I helped some of you out. If you have any tips just let me know! Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

ty men :D
quel thalas

atheistpally on 26 May 2009, 07:01:00 said...


how do you kill the booty bay citizens if they are green?

i am 23930/36000 hated with bloodsail and 6765/12000 honored with booty bay.

i want the Bloodsail Admiral title. is this even possible for me?

atheistpally on 26 May 2009, 07:02:00 said...


how do you kill the booty bay citizens if they are green?

i am 23930/36000 hated with bloodsail and 6765/12000 honored with booty bay.

i want the Bloodsail Admiral title. is this even possible for me?

Mik3y! on 28 May 2009, 06:13:00 said...

great guide man, i did it in about 2 hours on my DK, glad they start without faction hahaha thanks for the guide tho it was perfect!

Anonymous said...

If i do this will I still be able to talk to arena vendors?

Screwed by Conel Direct on 2 Aug 2009, 05:25:00 said...

To kill Booty Bay citizens, guards, etc. go to your reputation page (hit u) then click on Booty Bay. You'll have the option to select 'at war'.

Now you can attack!

Rav said...

To be able to attack Booty Bay mobs you need to set yourself to 'At War'.

This can be done by hitting 'u' which will open the Reputation menu. Under 'Classic' -> 'Steamwheedle Cartel' -> 'Booty Bay' you'll have a red check box called 'At War'. Check it and you're good to go!

Anonymous said...

I am hated with Booty Bay and Friendly with Bloodsail....and i cant get the quest from the ship..y is that?

Chrall said...

Cheers dude, Nice guide helped alot.

Hip Hip... Arrrrrrr!

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