Saturday, September 27

WoW Raf Exploit: Summon After lvl 60 w/o Cooldown

Tired of all the other RAF so called "exploits" well i have a real exploit for you.

With this little trick you can summon your RAF Buddie after lvl 60 AND with no 60 min cool down.

So how does this work? Follow these steps.

1. Make sure your RAF buddie is out of your group
2. Send a party invite to you buddie
3. Open your friends list and Spam click the summon button
4. Have your buddie accept the party invite while you are spamming the summon
5. You will start to summon your buddie
6. You WILL get an error AFTER the summon saying you cant summon them, dont worry the summon went through anyway
7. Profit

Note: If you don't start to summon when he joins the group you messed up, try once more. If you get the error saying there to high a lvl when they join the group that means there to close to you to use this trick.

The way this exploit works is when you invite your friend if they are far enough away from you there lvl is not registered to you so for a split second, so you are able to summon them. This also means that if they are standing right next to you, you will not be able to summon them.

They have to be a good distance away from you in ordor to be summoned. I have found that if they are across the zone they can be summon, but you really wouldn't need to summon them if they where father now would you =P?

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