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World of Warcraft: The Wastrels Gold Compendium

So, with all the little gold guide threads out there I thought I'd put together a comprehensive A-to-Z listing of all the best gold tips. I invite others to post their tips in here too so they can be added to the informational pool.

So, without further ado:

The Wastrel's big guide to making Gold.

Some of these tips are repost, some are common sense, but I'm hoping to get enough information in here to make this guide worth something for everyone. This guide will be put out in multiple parts because I'm easily bored and quickly tire of typing.

Act 1: A penny saved...

Making gold is the easy part, any noob can pull in a hundred gold a night from simple questing. The problem for some of us is how to save that gold for the bigger purchases we need and not spend on the little things we want.

Tip: Make a bank alt and use it.
And I'm not just talking about holding crafting mats or items you're saving for later. Make a bank alt for your gold and auction house needs.
Every day before logging off send your bank alt all but 100G from the toons you played that day. You would be amazed at how quickly all those little deposits add up.

Tip: Never go to the Auction house with your main.
Do you ever go to the grocery store? you know how the checkout lane has candy, magazines, lighters, playing cards, pez dispensers, flashing lights and bright colors? That lane is there to get you to impulse buy. Those are things you never thought about buying and wouldn't go looking for, but suddenly find yourself putting in your cart. Impulse buying also happens at the auction house. We go in for Mana pots and come out with an 800G recipe for some gem cut we might never use, but we saved 250G from it's normal price and it's a bargain.

Instead, always use a bank alt to do your shopping. It's not too inconvenient to buy and ship your items with a second toon and it severely cuts down your impulse buying.

Tip: Your broker does all your business
That bank alt is also your Auction alt. Always send him your sale-ables and make him the undercutting (or price gouging) bastard everyone hates. The savings in time and travel gained by simply mailing your wares to your alt will add up quickly, both in convenience and gold. For those saying "30 copper per item to mail!" compare that to 20+ silver in flight paths.

As a side benefit, if your alt happens to put in some fishing items (Silk for 99G instead of 99s) and someone falls for it (still happens!) your main's hands are clean and your alt is only online for minutes a day for him to try to harass you.

Act 2: A penny earned...

Dailies, questing, primal farming. These are the days of our lives, unless we're smart.

I don't know about you, but I detest doing the same quest every day. It gets boring, so boring I'd rather stick my wedding tackle in a rusty bear trap than continue killing nagas for keys.

By technicality, Dailies are a guaranteed source of decent income, so I cannot ignore them or recommend against them. sooo...

Tip: Do your dailies.
I had to put the tip here, but I don't have to comment.

Tip: Farming for profit
Farming is good money, but sometimes knowing what to farm is more important than how long or how well you farm. here are some of my favorite farming spots. In these cases I'm NOT going to list rare drop or special drop farming, these are common drops only that you don't ghave to depend on the RNG to get.

Terrokar Forest
Why are we here: Arakkoa Feather
Who drops it: Level 62-63 Shienor Sorcerers, talonites, and wing guards.
Why are we faming these: These feathers are used for a repeatable lower city quest, and these mobs have a 50% chance of dropping 1-2 feathers per kill.
Where to farm: Mobs found in and around coords 59, 24
What else is in it for me: Green and blue drops as normal, plus these mobs drop Light feathers, a reagent used by mages. Light feathers can sell as high as 20G per stack on some servers.

notes: These mobs are lightweights. the casters die near instantly, and the melee ones hit like creampuffs. They spawn quickly and you can farm the area constantly with no breaks for repops.

Why are we here: Mageweave Cloth
Who drops it: Highborn Lichling and Highborne Apparitions
Why are we faming these: Mageweave sells for 10G a stack on most servers, sometimes much more.
Where to farm: Azshara, at or near coords 16,68
What else is in it for me: there are a couple wandering rare mobs and a couple chest spawns in this area, but really you're in it for the mageweave and occasional green drop.
notes: These things are like popcorn, one-shot kills for most DPS classes and they just keep coming. one full circuit of the relatively small area will net you 1-2 stacks of mageweave in just a few minutes. these mobs pose no threat to a level 70, so it's like free money.

Eastern Plaguelands
Why are we here: We're here for the greens, level 52-56 greens, to be exact.
Who drops it: Everyone, but in general, Scarlet mobs in Hearthglen
Why are we faming these: For disenchanting or resale. 52+ old world items disenchant into Greater eternal essences. these sell for up to 20G on my server, yours may vary.
Where to farm: Hearthglen. Coords 42,15
What else is in it for me: Runecloth, herb and ore deposits, and rare patterns drop from the named rare-elites.
notes: the mobs are now non-elite but still have elite loot tables! this means they drop more silver per kill than most mobs and have a large droprate for green items and above. This area is also home to 5 or more level 62 rare-elite mobs.

Shadowmoon Valley
Why are we here: Instant respawn cloth wearing warlocks.
Who drops it: Shadow Council Warlocks
Why are we faming these: They respawn almost instantly and drop fel armaments, Mark of sergeras, and a small ton of netherweave, all in addition to normal mob drops.
Where to farm: coords 23,38
What else is in it for me: you need more? fel armaments and marks not enough? OK, how about they also drop Fel Strength Elixir and Major Shadow Protection Potion recipes!
notes: By instant respawn I mean the number in the area has a set minimum. this means that if enough die there will be more spawned instantly. the upshoot of that is, if you're sharing farming space with someone else they actually speed up your kills. I farmed for 3 hours without moving one night.
Watch out for the roaming elite, he's a pain.

Thus ends part 1 because I'm tired of typing.

Coming in part two, also in this thread, tips for professions, auction house sniping, and how to avoid noob mistakes (and take advantage of others!)

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