Saturday, September 13

The Fastest Way to Level your Deathknight! ( From 55 to 60 )

The first steps you gotta make is…..RECRUIT A FRIEND! Yep you heard me, go social and get a dude entertained so he will start playing too!

After he played the trial account and continues playing there will be some bonuses!

Your friend can even grant bonus levels to your own characters!

This is what we want. Let him level to 60 and he will have around 30 ‘level tickets’. Now you log on your Newly made Deathknight and let your friend level you up to 60 in no time with 5 'level tickets'. and then you still got 25 level tickets which you can sell for some cash (maybe?)

However, I think it would be better if you first level to 55 and like 99%. Then let him give you the tickets so you will be 60 and 99%.

That way is imo faster.

Have fun levelling your deathknight. I hope it’s an oke guide. I’ve leeched for a long time now. Me is sorry

Edit: You can get summoned to ironforge and get those leveling tickets then HS back and do that quests then.

Goodluck to the people that will level a deathknight. Im out

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3 kommentarer:

Nuff on 15 Sept 2008, 15:40:00 said...

Bad NOT do this.

DK's have to do their starting area quests, you get your talents and some of your abilities from doing them. You cannot skip them. You will leave as a level 58. Why bother for 2 levels? They breeze by in Hellfire where you come out with level 65ish gear fighting level 60 content.

Anonymous said...

dks don't start with a hearthstone either.

Anonymous said...

dks don't start with a hearthstone, either.

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