Sunday, September 14

World of Warcraft Exploit: Instant "Limited Stock" Resupply

Many people have found vendors that sell items - but they only have a "Limited Stock" of 1 - and get restocked every hour or whatever the duration is...

These items can often be very valuable on the AH to resell! One that comes to mind is the "Gnomish Cloaking Device" that has just 1 stock - you can buy from the vendor at about 20 - 25s and resell on the AH for around 16 - 18G!!

HOWEVER... wouldn't it be AWESOME if you could buy as many as you like!!

I will show you how...


Find the vendor you are after - obvious SURE but use websites to find what item you are after and what NPC sells it!!

Then buy the first stock of the item you want to buy.


Go into your Reputation tab and select "At War" with the vendor faction.

Then... simply kill the vendor!

You will find that these sorts of vendors respawn very fast - sometimes IMMEDIATELY!


Return to your Reputation tab and de-select "At War" with the vendor faction.

Open the vendor up and you will find the "LIMITED STOCK" item, RESTOCKED!


Buy stock and repeat

Using this method you could buy loads of the limited items and resell them for profit on the AH!


This exploit was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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