Sunday, September 7

World of Warcraft Exploit: Priest solo Farming Gnomeregan/Underbog

Basically in both Gnomeregan and Underbog there are mobs that use Spells that do NOT set off the global Cool Down.

In Gnomeregan there is a mob called Leprous Technician and when you Mind Control him you can make a macro with ( /cast Throw Wrench ) as many times as you can fit in the macro.

Now, just Mind Control the mob and use that macro.
You will notice that every line of the /cast in your macro will go off at once, adding up to, well, over 500 damage a hit.

You can also use the same tactic in Underbog by Mind Controlling a Murkblood Spearman and using "/cast thrown" as many
times as possible in a macro.

And since Mind Control suffers from diminishing returns in PvP, it does NOT in PvE.
That means you can just chain cast Mind Control on a single Murkblood Spearman or a single Leprous Technician to solo each instance easy!

Good luck with it and hope it helps you guys.

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