Monday, September 8

WoW Exploit: 500g a day minimum 2 Darkmoon Fair

One of my easiest Gold strategies is to camp the Darkmoon Fair, which comes to different locations on the first friday of each month.

Many items are easily sold more massive profit such as the lotus and other herbs. Motes and leather are also on a regular spawn.

The trick is that these are all limited amount items and others may be there doin the same thing, but they are clicking relentlessly from vendor to vendor. If you simply watch the server clock on your minimap and write down times you can easily beat others to the spawns without the monotonous clicking. Once you have established A spawn for say herbs, write down the time they popped. The spawns are always on a timer, somewhat random but if u watch serverclock You just have to wait for minute to change and then you check,if spawn has not happened you can go back to watching tv, reading a book or playing other toon.

To make it even easier I will tell you how long between spawns. I will list vendor and minutes between spawn. The second number will be the peak spawn time and last number will be the outside of the range.It rarely goes that long between spawns.

Lhara spawns herbs at 11 14 20 minutes

Thaddeus spawns motes at 14 22 28 minutes

Leather spawns in between mote spawns, usually 3 to 6 minutes after. Gem spawns have been greatly reduced since last patch but I notice that they spawn often near noon and midnight.

Some of the markup is huge on these items and even a few hours a day with good spawns will easily make you 300 gold selling in the auctionhouse. You can sell scrolls too, but they are alot of work to store and list. If you are starting out they are likely a good idea to get your bankroll goin.

They boy who runs around with the balls is also gold potential, as his frogs go for 6 to 9 gold on my server. You buy them for 1g and they sell reasonably well.

Put in a little time and watch the clock. You wont be dissapointed with results.

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