Wednesday, October 22

Hide and Heal AB while Horde Ignore You (dwarf only)

I didn't actually think this would work because I gave horde more credit than they actually deserve apparently... No less, if you are in AB and a the farm there is a pumpkin several paces away from the flag that is slightly larger than all the others. If you are playing a dwarf pally (and maybe priest - I haven't tested with the animations) you can stand inside the pumpkin with only the smallest bit of your head sticking out the top (at least with my pig tail hair cut - for others it might not stick out at all). if you position yourself right your head will blend in with the stem, and you can heal indeffinately from your clever hiding place.

It's not fool proof because you can still be targeted, and if people have their interface to set up to show character names they'll see your name. That said, I'm amazed at how often when I stand there horde just run right past me. Apparently either not all that many people have the names turned on to see the red over the pumpkin to target, or people see the red, don't see an alliance character standing anywhere, and assume it's a corpse on the other side of the pumpkin and keep on running.

On average I'd say I get people attacking me 75% less while standing in the pumpkin vs, often being one of the first to be targeted when they realize that I'm healing.

You can obviously hide there as a gnome too (even better actually since they are smaller) , and other classes but if they see the pumpkin tossing fireballs at them, or you make an attack before someone else resulting in an auto target, it might not do much good. I guess if a mage wanted to they could keep people sheeped from there, but it's kind of a waste of a player on the team.

For me it's been pretty damn useful, but as I said not fool proof. Depends on how observant/smart the horde are. It's a better than alot of hiding spots since it's close to where the action should be (at the flag) and thus you can actually do something while hiding.

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