Thursday, October 23

Wotlk event: All About ZOMBIE (And how to become zombie fast and be IMMORTAL)

As some of you might now the WOTLK event have started. You can get a "become-a-zombie-debuff" form a suspicious creates in Booty Bay. In order to become a zombie, you have to wait 10 minutes for the buff to activate. If you want to skip those 10 seconds, just duel someone, loose the duel and you become INSTANT zombie. Have fun As a zombie you can infect other players, all the MOBS are neutral and everyone in the cities hates you

1: You can infect NPCs by using the Retch! skill. Wait a few seconds so they get the debuff, kill them and they become zombies too
2: As a zombie you can comunicate with the other fraction and trade with them
3: You can heal in combat by equiping and unequiping the item on your ranged slot!

P.s. Paladins: can use bubble for instant zombie
Mages: Ice Block
think of something else and post it if you want

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