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World of Warcraft Gold guide: 300g every hour

How to (formerly) make 150g every 30 minutes, req Dru-Rog

Formerly, this was 150g every 30 minutes on my server, Gurubashi. However, do to some recipes, mass farming by my friends and I etc, it is now a steady 100g every 30 minutes and only going down from here. I have made my goal of 30k gold, and far exceeded it now Razz So I'll gladly share for the poor resto druids out there.

Before you read further, you need a at least a geared Druid and moderately geared rogue, pref extreme gear for best results, season1-2 is enough for each to be truly efficient. Druid can be feral or restoration. Lastly, one of you needs enchanting.

Instance: Sethekk Halls
Goal: Stealth runs
Bosses: Primarily Ikiss, though Syth if you want to even out the reset cap.

Core strategy: Stealth up to the room with Syth, hide behind one of the torches. Wait for the bird pat to leave, rogue goes first and agroes. Druid now runs past, through other side of the room. Rogue brings Syth to exit side of room and vanishes. Both proceed up to Ikiss.

The bug, Blizzard realized this was a HIGHLY-profitable stealth runnable instance, and to tame it they added in 2.1 or so for Syth to detect stealth. The beautiful thing is, unlike most stealth seers who ignore vanish. He still has the old mechanic as if he was not a stealth seeing npc. So, the rogue can evasiontank/CLoS and simply vanish him off at the other side of the room, instead of keeping agro and dying.

Now stealth up to Ikriss, you can use distract in some tricky parts -- but I can 100% confirm, you can walk past every single unit with no distract, even the birds, as a druid. When you are in Ikriss's room there are two strategies outlined below, one for feral (bit more tricky) and one for resto.

Strategy 1, Restoration (easy): The rogue becomes the tank. Simply keep a 3 stack of LB up and it should be enough to keep him alive through all damage, if you are a little weaker geared through in a rejuve and emergency regrowth. The trick is the healer stands on the pillar, only coming out to entice a sheep (no dps on rogue for 1.5 s, always tries to sheep 2nd on threat)and keep losing it so he can't get it off. After the blink, hide behind pillar, with the rogue, remember only use the back two. After the arcane explosion give the rogue time to get threat as you don't want him sheeped. If he does get sheeped, go bear and stand on him until he pops out and gets threat back. Rinse and repeat this process until dead.

Protip for druids: LIFE BLOOM GIVES THREAT TO YOUR TARGET! Rejuve gives threat to you, etc. Remember that, will help you in here and in other instances. Actually it may have been changed to no threat, but either way -- its good to know.

Strategy 2 Feral (Harder): When you get to Ikriss's room the druid is the tank, rogue is a dps. Tank and spank like nromal, whenver he blinks, pillar and heal yourself. NEVER heal the rogue. The rogue will receive all heals from the sheep as he will be second on threat, and you will never be sheeped as you are immune. Simple process, rinse and repeat until dead.

KEY NOTES: Ikriss ALWAYS drops 2 level 70 blue items, or guaranteed 2 large prismatic shards. Thus, each of you makes (on my server currently)20g a kill. There is a chance, I would say one of every 5 set it seems that he will always drop a primal nether for an extra 40g, 20g each. This is why it is worth it to roll with a friend, you both get hooked up equally, no trading off.

When we stopped doing this about a week or two ago as we have more money than Duck Tales, we had it down to 7-9 minute runs and would never wipe. so 20g per 7 min, 35 min 100g, do an AV come back do it again -- usually selling the prismatics in stacks of 10 as it matches enchants.

If you want to make the timer hit right on the hour, do the first boss 2-3 times. I've never attempted him as feral, I just see the relative flaws in it, so I'll give the simple strat for restos.

First boss: Rogue tanks, just keep LB up, fight him towards back of room to not pick up bird pat. When adds spawn, stack heals, go bear form, rogue kills off all adds, pop out top off, repeat. Ignore third set of adds, stack heals, help dps boss.

Good luck everyone

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