Thursday, October 23

Wotlk event: Increase zombie damage

Unequip all items before becoming a zombie, as you transform rapidly equip everything including your weapons. The result? A lot more damage on autoattacks and mangle.

Suggestion to make this even better (provided it works in the firs place) for Pallies and Mages

Get the whole "You will become a zombie in 10 minutes" thing.

Create a macro

/cast Divine Shield (or Ice block, whatever)
/equip (insert gear here)
/equip (insert gear here)
/equip (insert gear here)

Alternately you could set up outfitter to automatically equip a certain gear set when a condition is met... or... don't hold me to this, but I think there might be an option in there to save a predefined gearset as an action bar icon.

Put your iceblock or divine shield there...

create another macro to simultaneously click that slot and cast divine shield at the same time, then you have all your gear suddenly coming on as oopsed to what you're limited to with the ordinary macro character limit.

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