Thursday, October 23

WotLK Event: Become a Hands Free ZERO CLICK Regenerating Zombie

Alright so alot of the recent posts have been talking about what seems like countless bugs with the zombie world event including how to heal yourself, however healing yourself the way the other threads indicate requires your acttion of clicking a button and you might not get there in time if you are under attack and trying to get yourself out of there.

There's a solution - heal yourself constantly with no more effort on your part after initial setup.

Download the Addon Outfitter.
It is available on many web sites, and via WoW Matrix

Put an additional ranged weapon in your inventory.
Doesn't matter which.

Set up an automation in outfitter, to swap your ranged weapon with another in inventory when you have 100% (or 99% if the clicking gets annoying out of combat) health or less.

Set up another automation in outfitter, to swap your ranged weapon with the OTHER ranged weapon in outfitter with the same condition (equal or less than 100% health, or 99% health).

Enable both automations.

Every time the global cooldown from swapping weapons one of the automations will think it needs to change the ranged weapon and will do so automatically. After it's equipped the other will, and then back to the first and so on. Since you can swap weapons in combat, this will work in combat.

Congratulations, you are now a fully 100% regenerating zombie, enjoy your full heals every second or two. No future clicks required. Anyone feel like a flag runner? How about soloing with mobs that won't be able to 1 shot you?

It will cost you swings in combat, but then zombies were never known for their speed. just live and endure.

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