Thursday, October 23

WotLK Event: Zombie - Trade with opposite faction

As you all know, the WoTLK even is starting up. As you know, you can become a zombie.

Now, part of this is a repost, the other part isn't. I'm posting both just for those who don't know.

When you become a Zombie, you literly turn into a Scourge, your allied with the scourge, you speak their language (Zombie). Now, if someone of the opposite faction is a Zombie, their Scourge too. Your both allied. Now, you can talk to each other, trade with each other, invite each other to groups, as if you where the same faction.

How to: Make sure your a Zombie, and find someone of the opposite faction is a Zombie. Simply talk to them, open a trade, or invite them to a group.

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