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World of Warcraft guide: Strategy guide for Warlocks Soloing Onyxia

Short and Simple guide for how to spec and spell rotations used for Warlocks soloing onyxia.

This is debatably the easiest and quickest class to solo Onyxia with, due to the newly released moves enabling Pet Mitigation and ae Scaling.( This said, i'm not sure how long it takes retardins these days).

During my attempts of this solo, i found that speccing 21 | 40 | 0 with the new Fel Synergy was the most efficient spec for this fight. Using a range of PvP gear ( stamina bonus) and PvE gear ( spell damage bonus) is not necessary, although it is advisable for a smoother, faster fight.

Spells to use: KEEP THEM DOTZ ROLLIN! Abuse life-drain as much as you want in this fight.

Pet to use : Voidwalker for tanking, and if needed, Sacrifice when the initial waves of dragons come.

Pots that i used: Flask of pure Death, Wizard Oil and Basilisk ( spell dmg) food.

Glyphs : Voidwalker and Healthstone Glyphs.

To the Fight:

Phase one:

Let your Voidwalker tank Onyxia in the usual position. Stay at max range and take your time with the dps. Easy phase... just a little boring if anything. Carry the slow dps throughout until phase two. Mana efficiency shouldn't be a problem.

Phase Two:

Siphon Life as many of the adds as you possible can, aswell as keeping Onyxia dotted up. Once all of the adds are on you, sacrifice your VW and instantly resummon a new one. Have him tank all fresh waves of adds in the middle ( eating the deep breaths) as you dps Onyxia at the sidelines. SoC spam if you get the chance, although its not really necessary.

Phase Three:

Basically revert back to phase one tactic's. The only real difference in this phase is the fear, which bears little to no threat what so ever. This is an extremely easy fight, although it's still boring at the same time.

Well and good if this helps you... But at the end of the day all i'm trying to do IS help. So before you flamers start thinking that this post is designed to offend your Family's honor, just take it for what it is. Constructive questions are more than welcome and encouraged.

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Aaron said...

This guide is pointless now, correct? Now that the new Onyxia encounter has come the level 60 boss is now one of the special achievements.

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