Wednesday, October 29

World of Warcraft Cheats: Farming Murmur

I created a warrior alt who I intend to tank with, so I wanted the Shoulderguards of the Bold off Murmur. Now farming Murmur is a long and tedious task, so I wanted to speed things up, and I worked out a way.

To do this World of Warcraft cheat, you will need:
  • A group capable of clearing Shadow Labs once.

  • A warlock with an epic flying mount.

  • At least two other players in your group with epic flying mounts.

  • A mage.

Clear Shadow Labs once, down Murmur. You will have to do this once anyway for the Kara fragment. Now stand right next to the wall, behind where Murmur was. Have the warlock summon all members of the party (including himself).

Do not accept the summon while doing this World of Warcraft cheat, nor cancel it - Very important.

At the same time as the warlock is summoning people, the mage should be creating a portal to Shattrath. Once everyone has their summon, step through the portal, and fly back to Shadow Labs as quick as you can. I was able to do this with time to spare, but if you're struggling, a Riding Crop and/or paladin aura will help.

While you are all flying back to Shadow Labs, the group leader should reset the instance.

Now enter the instance and everyone doing this World of Warcraft Cheat should accept the summon. If there are members of your group without epic flying mounts, they will not be able to make it back before their summon expires. That doesn't matter - as long as your warlock and 2 other people made it back, the other 2 can be summoned.

You will now find yourself behind Murmur, right next to the wall. He should not aggro you as long as you are right by the wall. Now kill him again, and rinse and repeat as necessary!


NOTE: The trash around Murmur will also have respawned. Sometimes it did not aggro on us, sometimes it did. To be safe, I advise killing at least the group closest to Murmur before fighting the boss.

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