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World of Warcraft guide: Choosing Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra

With WotLK imminent, some people have already chosen a level 70-80 speedroute, or are just going to go wherever they are closest to, or haven't even considered this at all.

Anyways, I'm here with this World of Warcraft guide to inform everyone about what each zone has to offer, both good and bad.

First off, I'll go with Borean Tundra. This zone is reached by Orgrimmar's zepplin and Stormwind's harbor; as a result of being connected to the two most populous cities, it will likely be crowded. This is where the Horde Expedition is lead by Garrosh Hellscream, and the Alliance Expedition's leader is unknown, but thought to be either Highlord Bolvar or King Variann Wyrnn. The Horde is situated in Warsong Hold, while the Alliance remains in Valiance Keep. The Quests here will include forces of Tuskarr, Scourge, Naga, and a new group of druids called "D.E.H.T.A." that plan to stop Hemet Nesingwary from his hunting. However, Hemet isn't in the Borean Tundra; he is in Scholozar Basin. This zone's pigments are mainly a dull yellow and a dull brownish-red; the scenery isn't too lush or varied. It does, however, have lots of quests and exceptional quest rewards. This also has a low-level instance called the Nexus(71-73).

Next, we have the Howling Fjord. This is reached by a zepplin outside the Undercity, and a boat from Menethil Harbor; as a result of being connected to minor areas that are rearely visited, it will likely be less crowded. From here, the Forsaken begin their attack towards the scourge, and manufacturing the New Plague, lead by the Apothecary Society. The Alliance try to hold on to the ever-sieged keep of Valgarde, and try to gain a foothold against the forces of the Scourge and Vrykul, lead by Magistrate Randalvarr. The Horde is situated in New Agamand, a forsaken town, while the Alliance holds on to Valgarde Keep. The quests here include battling the Vrykul, Scourge, Proto-Dragons, and some of the lore of Arthas' landing in Northrend. The Forsaken's Apothecary Society is here to experiment and obtain resources to construct their New Plague with which to destroy the Scourge, and possibly more. This zone has a blue-er and green-er pigment than that of Borean Tundra. It has short rolling hills and a healthy amount of trees. There are less quests here with not-so-good rewards, but it also contains the lowest level instance, Utgarde Keep(70-72).

Basically short and summarised, BT has more quests and better rewards, along with more reputation with the factions. It is however, quite dull at times, and possibly crowded. This is said to be best for those that want to hit level 80 ASAP.

HF has less quests with not as good rewards, but the feeling is much more "epic" according to most beta testers, and it's rumored to be less crowded. It is said to be best for RPers and people that like Lore.

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