Friday, November 21

Champion of Anguish Exploit *Fast Levels*

I finished the Champion of Anguish quest (equivalent of Ring of Blood quest) in Zul'Drak, but a guildee needed it, so I decided I would help him out.

I was not group with him, or anyone, and I just attacked the mobs as he started the quest.

All of sudden I got 18k experience! I thought that was odd. Next mob, 25k xp! Then 27k xp!

I figured out why.

When the mob entered the arena I just tagged it. Mob tagging.
Why is this significant? With each kill you get 10-15k xp (20-30k if rested, like I was).
Each party kills 5(?) mobs, I think so that's 50k, and they still get credit for the kill.

There are usually 1-3 groups there so you can always use this.

Hope it works for everyone else!

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