Friday, November 21

WoW Exploit: Argent crusade faction reputation made easy

Basically what you're doing is sacrificing a few daily slots for some Argent crusade rep. Anyone who's 80 and is trying to get instances for Argent crusade rep can be a bit of a bastard (my server anyway, lack of healers in the guild with so few people online and 80) and it's basically limited to this one daily, which has you go from person to person to do their tasks, and if you do it on time you get extra rep, and then 75 rep for each task, and 3g 12 silver (iirc) for each task aswell.

Well, I thought, this isn't all that much rep, 600 rep a day is pretty shit tbh, so I started thinking of some other way, and I found this minor World of Warcraft exploit that helped me a bit get revered

The thing is, finish all the tasks, turn them in, collect your gold and rep (300 in total for all the tasks) and then abandon the main quest (Troll patrol its called) and then what you can do, is go pick up troll patrol again and do all the tasks for some extra rep (300 each time, and you can do this as long as you've got daily slots )

You can do this 6 times a day, if you want to use your daily slots like this, which means 2400 rep from a quest intended to give 900.
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Nigel on 27 Nov 2008, 04:22:00 said...

Some of the tasks given out by the four task givers only reward 25 rep and one rewards none at all. A better use of your 25 daily slots is to find the task that awards the most rep on the day and repeat it 25 times, using the same method.

Rupert gives out two tasks that award 250 rep. Repeating these will award 6250 rep in one day.

Anonymous said...

this no longer works, as none of the troll patrol give out rep - only the hand-in guy does. So repeating the quests gives you no extra rep and uses up your daily slots to boot.

Anonymous said...

This exploit no longer works as none of the troll patrol guys give any rep, so you'd just be wasting your daily slots repeating any of them.

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