Wednesday, November 19

Get "1000 Emblem of Heroism" Achievement Faster!

Theres a series of achievements for looting from 1 to 1000 Emblem of Heroisms: see here on wowhead.

Well, when you get to level 80 and start running Heroics and doing raids, when a boss drops an Emblem of Heroism when you go to loot your Emblem spam click when you're looting the emblem and it'll give you credit more than once depending on how fast you can click!

I got the achievement for "25 Emblems of Heroism" after only looting 11 of them.

This isn't an exploit to actually get more than 1 Emblem per boss, it merely gives you credit more than once each time you loot an Emblem for the Emblem achievements.

Above you see the totals before looting the boss.
Belov is the totals after looting the boss.

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