Tuesday, November 18

Huge World of Warcraft Exploit: lvl 75 to 80 easily

This has now been nerfed. Check below comments.

First you need to be 75, then you head to the place where you turn into a ghoul and start doing scourge quests for Drakuru.

Once you are at the quest: "Hazardous Materials" , complete "Drakuru's task" (You will earn 21k XP)

Now cancel the quest, and redo Drakuru's task and cancel etc.

If it's not fixed you will earn 21k XP everytime you turn it in.

what you have to do for Drakuru's task is to kill Darmuk with a MC'd troll and thats it.

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2 kommentarer:

Unknown on 23 Nov 2008, 19:03:00 said...

Nerfed, now only gives 10.500 exp and 3g :(.

P.S: Nice blog, and thx por the tip :).

sQren on 25 Nov 2008, 14:37:00 said...

Thanks for the heads up :)

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