Tuesday, November 11

Get 500g per raid boss

When your fighting raid bosses ( last raid boss of a raid ) they drop around 500 gold now everyone gets shared amount which is around 12gold.

Wouldn't you love to take that 500 gold and say keep it without anyone noticing?

Here is what you do

Join a raid PUG ( dont do this with your guild unless you tell them first ), ( Gruuls and Mags work the best...Kara and ZA are the worst....MH and BT have been untested as this far but should work on Illidan and Archi)

Turn on auto loot and bind it to shift ctrl or alt

When the raid boss is on 2% or around 10k hp LEAVE THE RAID and allow it to auto loot you will instantly get the gold as you no longer are in the raid you GET ALL OF IT, the downside to this is you dont get the epic loot but who needs that with wotlk in 2 days.

Sum it all up

    1. Join Pug Raid
    2. Auto loot on
    3. Leave at around 1-2%
    4. Auto loot the corpse
    5. No one notices because it doesnt say "John recieves 500 gold"
    6. Save up for WOTLK by doing BT MH and so forth.

Have fun and remmeber you may not get it the first couple of goes just pray

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