Wednesday, November 12

Skip the MASSIVE WotLK Queue

This is a very simple method that I'll be using to skip the queues that will probably be 1000+ on all server.

- 10 minutes or so before the servers reboot to allow LK accounts access, log on to the game.

- When you see the server countdown for the restart, Alt + F4 out of the game once it's near then end (1 min or so)

-What this allows you to do is skip the queue so you can log back into the game and start playing again.

-The reason that you're able to do this, is because many raiders complained that when a member of the raid were to DC during a fight, they would all have to wait for that player to log in even if there was a massive queue to get in, resulting in 39 very frustrated raiders

-Blizzard changed it so that you'll be able to skip the line, but your little window of opportunity will only last 45 minutes or less. That is why you use that little method right before the restart

-Happy leveling!

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