Wednesday, December 10


This is a new exploit which I've found pretty useful in pvp after hitting 80 last night.

You need to be specced far enough into Unholy to get the Shadow of Death talent that will transform you into a ghoul to allow you to keep fighting for a period of time.

I've noticed in lvl 80 bg's that your ghoul form is almost useless as it will get bursted for so much that you can hardly get off any spells before dieing, so a quick explode to release your spirit is most efficient. (unless your target's at like 5%)

What this trick does is keep you from dieing in ghoul form to anyone in any situation, especially pvp.

What you need to do is use explode, which normally has a short casting time. If you stand still and try to explode, you will almost immediately be stunned or interrupted. Moving also seems to interrupt the cast.

But for some reason, your lunge skill does not. This means you can make a macro like this:

    /cast Explode
    /cast Lunge

You are now able to cast explode and then lunge toward anyone you have targeted, without getting your explode interrupted. This is useful in two different ways, as you can now explode on targets that are as far away as your lunge, finishing off anyone under 3k health, or target someone far enough away just to get the hell out of the middle of everyone.

Using this method I've been able to consistently keep an undefeated record in all BG's as no one can kill me in ghoul form in the 2 seconds that my explode is secretly being casted under my lunge.

I scrapped up a quick clip of the process here:
(note, I didn't have my macro out at the time, so I didn't explode on top of the enemy. but you can still see that casting is not interrupted by the lunge)

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Anonymous said...

This is no longer valid as DK's cant self ghoul anymore, havent been able to for 2 patches atleast

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