Thursday, December 11

World of Warcraft exploit: Fast Leveling(Group Aoe)

In Icecrown there is a quest called "Neutralizing the Plague" which you go to a cauldron and use some slime and a bunch of mobs spawn. The mobs that spawn give 1k nonrested and usually 2-6 spawn per time. Here are the directions:

Everyone but the person leveling should be in a group!

1. Get Neutralizing the Plague

2.Goto 63,62 and Kill a "Pustulant Horror" for a Flesh Giant Spine

3.Head Inside and head to the left for the cauldron. Each person can use theirs on the cauldron at the same time or 1 at a time doesn't matter which(i could be wrong).

4.Kill mobs that come out


If you are having a bit of down time and have a decent group you can kill "Coprous the Defiled" which gives a nice chuck of XP

The group I used when power leveling a friend this way was Hunter(guy being leveled), Priest holy, Lock, Mage + a warrior to tank the big guy but not needed

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