Saturday, December 27

Easy Wrecking Ball Achievement for Death Knights

I've noticed a bug with the Deathknight class and Shadow of Death - Spell that basically allows you to quickly and easily get the Wrecking Ball - Achievement

The bug is, after dying and returning as a Ghoul, your actual death won't register which allows you an advantage for the Wrecking Ball achievement.

Now, sometimes you'll get killed and just flat out die without returning as a Ghoul, I'm not entirely sure why this happens but when it does, it will count as a death. So as long as this doesn't happen, you can easily get the achievement. In this picture, I actually died 4 times, all 4 times returning as a ghoul, not one of them counted as an actual death in the BG.

(I'm the DK on the top with 17 kills 0 deaths)

I'm not sure when this actually got bugged and I didn't find any existing posts on this, it should be common sense for DK's as I'm sure others have noticed this as well.

Anyhow, enjoy!

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