Thursday, December 25

Thousands of Gold for winterveil

Ok, so this is very easy to do. What you need:

1. Level 80
2. Deathknight
3. Trial RAF account linked to your lvl 80 account
4. Time and Patience

Ok this is what we're going to do. On ur lvl 80 main account make about 5 gnomes.Your going to delete them so don't worry.

Get them all one-by-one to the gifts in IF.

Log on to one. Open up another WoW window. Log into your level 80 account.
Make your deathknight, summon him from the RAF trial to the gifts. Get all the gifts. If you get a summonable BOE pet,like the jingling bell etc. send it to your level 80 with the preserved holly you should get. Log out of ur DK.

Delete the deathknight and make a new one. Also delete the gnome. Make a new gnome, but don't hop on him yet. Pick the next gnome that's by the gifts and then go make a dk on ur level 80 account. Summon him to the gifts. Rinse and repeat. Once all the holly/ pets are sent to your level 80, send them to your bank alt. Keep them there for 1-2 months then sell them for outrageous price idiots will buy. Say like 200-700g.

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