Thursday, December 25

World of Warcraft Exploit: Flying in old world & Solo'ing bosses

Flying in old world

You will need:

1: XYZ or any possible way to modify your z - axis ( if you don't want to go there or use anything like that, that's fine.

2: 3 other friends, one being a warlock. ( not two, THREE, so you can be summoned after you hearthed )

3: A pretty high care-factor, heh.

4: An "Unknown zone"

The old school "Flying in azeroth trick" ( not the exploit )

Step 1: Get you, and two of your friends to an Unknown area in azeroth, their are alot of them, you need to make sure that you can shift click your name and it definetly says " unknown "

2: Hearth, and get on either 1: a flying mount 2: swift flight form ( swift flight form works better )

3: Get summoned.

4: To your amasement, you'll be flying in azeroth, but don't fly around just yet! If you leave the unknown area you'll get dismounted unfortunetly.

Make sure you're on the ground, press 7 On XYZ ( or modify your Z axis just slightly with any program or cheat-engine, whatever works ) and then right click off your mount or swift flight form.

5: You will be disconnected, relog to be completly shocked that you are FLYING IN AZEROTH WITHOUT A FLYING MOUNT

Not only are you FLYING, but without a mount AS WELL!

Using the disconnect trick you can solo bosses even, for example Ingvar the plunder'er on heroic by kiting him around after doing the Mount up/disconnect trick and running 100% speed.

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