Monday, December 1

World of Warcraft cheat: Flying mount in Dalaran

I'm always searching for spots to /flex with mounts so Dalaran was a dissapointment as you can't fly in here.
But there is a way to get flying into dalaran and stay on it in some area's. so don't expect to fly around whole dalaran but there are some nice spots to just fly.

When you go into Dalaran get in there from the west as close as possible to the red marked areas. then fly into it.
If you get the Dismount warning fly back out of Dalaran and try again, takes 2-3 trys and you are in. stay withing the red area's and you can fly around there.

These are the safe area's.

And this is my /flex spot

And 2 other pictures of where you can hang out.

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