Tuesday, December 2

World of Warcraft exploits: Duplicate Darkmoon Cards

I discovered this exploit after 3.0 and kept it to myself to avoid it getting nerfed and made thousands of gold in between 3.0 and the expansion.

The following works for level 60 and level 70 Darkmoon Card decks, and probably works for level 80 decks. However I have not tested this method on level 80 decks.

Some cards (aces) are more rare and worth more than others.

Inscription allows you to create darkmoon cards at random. This can suck because you end up wasting a ton of mats for random cards you don’t want.

However this exploit will allow you to CHOOSE the card you want to make, allowing you to be much more profitable.

Step 1: Obtain a card that you want to duplicate. Put it in your bag and make sure there are no other darkmoon cards in your bag.

Step 2: Make sure you have full stacks of mats for creating the darkmoon card so that a stack isn’t completely consumed by making the card.

Step 3: Fill all other empty slots in your bags with random crap.

Step 4: Keep hitting the button in the inscription panel to create the card until the card is duplicated.

This works because all the individual cards are stackable. If your inventory is full, it wont be able to make any other random card and your mats wont get wasted, you’ll get an inventory full message. The only card you can possibly make when your inventory is full is the card you want to duplicate (may take many tries, be patient).

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