Thursday, December 18

World of Warcraft Cheat: Stock Up On Relic Of Ulduar as Horde

Relic of Ulduar right now is just used to buy some buff drinks and a transformation flask in Storm Peaks. However, next patch they are changing it so that..

  • 1. They are not soulbound

  • 2. You can turn in 10 for 250 rep with Sons of Hodir (repeatable)

  • 3. Iron Boot Flask will cost 250 Relic of Ulduar (buy it now before it is changed!)

Basically what you do is..

  • 1. Make a macro with this line only: /script VehicleExit();(I bound it to middle mouse for ease of access)

  • 2. Get the quest Sniffing Out the Perpetrator (horde only) from Khaliisi

  • 3. SPAM RIGHT CLICK on Frostbite standing next to her. This will create MULTIPLE copies of her mount, and tons of dwarves will come running at you.

  • 4. When you are on the mount, spam the macro button until you are off then repeat!

Why did I post this you ask? Well, with the rep turn-ins everyone wants to get easy relics now, and this is as easy as it comes. These dwarves each have about 2.5k HP and they have the REGULAR LOOT TABLES! That means that you will get a relic about..75% of the time each kill. I got 60 Frostweave cloths, 61 Relics, and about 40g in like 10 min doing this.But don't abuse this! A GM might catch on if you do it for too long..

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m on 4 Mar 2009, 16:07:00 said...

nice review thanks 4 sharing
do you have a dota cheat? please share:)

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