Monday, December 22

World of Warcraft Exploit: Crash world server!

Yesterday I was doing the iron dwarf spawn exploit, and decided to try and spawn 1000+ dwarves (for fun).
So, i set up netlimiter, an autoit script and started it.
After a couple of seconds i got disconnected, i logged in again.
I was still on the tiger, had ~0.1 fps.

A couple of seconds later:

Whole northrend crashed

So here is how you do it:
Get the quest Sniffing Out the Perpetrator (quest chain, starts with The Missing Bronzebeard )

Get netlimiter, set wow.exe incoming limit to 100 (do not click the checkbox yet)

Get a script for clicking, i made one in autoit (yes i know extremely simple)(right clicks 532 times):
2shared - download 532rightclicks.exe
virus scan(autoit false positive):
Virustotal. MD5: 9bb081d0825d8968d394bf7509110a3e Suspicious File Trojan.Win32.Malware.1 Trojan/Downloader.AutoIt.ib
source: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

Go to Frostbite - NPC - World of Warcraft

Run wow in windowed mode
Start the script, a box will pop up.

(you will probably need to do this quick) check the checkbox for wow in netlimiter,
put your mousepointer over the tiger and press enter to start the script.

After a couple of seconds you will probably be dc'd, you can shut down netlimiter.

Hopefully the world server will crash within a minute!

When the server comes back up it will be rolled back 5 minutes. (This could probably be used for something)

Basically, you slow down your connection so that you have time to click the tiger more before you mount up.
Then the script clicks the tiger and spawns ~1600 dwarfes within around 3 seconds.
The server can't stand doing that and then crashes.

You can probably get banned for doing this.

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