Friday, January 30

Kill OWN faction as Death knight

This only works for DK that is blood-specced.

ok so the steps:

1) invite in group the own faction player you wanna kill.
2) Duel him and tell him you want to crit him to see crit dmg.
3) When the duel ends and he has reacher 1% health cast him the ability "Hysteria".
4) Tell him "bb" and enjoy.

This happens because:

The ability "Hysteria" is a talent buff in blood spec. Wastes 1% health of the friendly faction player every second for 30 sec, but increases his dmg.(Requires group).

Other uses: Just when you find a player with low health, invite him in group and cast "Hysteria" and leave group. The player is dead and you have some lol time, when he whispers you: !@#$%&#
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