Saturday, January 24

World of Warcraft Exploit: Easy Maraudon Gold ! will get fixed soon.

You know how they changed the Maraudon staff right?
The one that used to teleport you?
Well they changed it so it can be equipped sold!!

So heres what you do:
You go to Maraudon, and go to the middle section where that night elf cenarius dude is. Lay down a repair bot and sell your Maraudon staff. Now you can talk to him and hell give you another staff!

Then you just rinse and repeat, sell, get staff, sell etc etc. You will need alot of repair bots and stuff but the gold you make from it will definately make up for it.

It might also get a little tedious just clicking so you could get a bot or something, but i wouldnt reccomend it because it would probably make it more noticable for blizz and GMs or something.

If you do set up a bot, you could literally make thousands and thousands of gold from this. Considering that the scepter sells for 4 gold and if you had a bot right next to it to sell to, lets say you could sell one every 10 seconds.
That would be around 1440 gold per hour. So, if you left the bot on for 8 hours, thats 11520 gold.

My math might be a bit off, but either way this has the potential to be a huge exploit.

Hope everyone enjoys this!

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Anonymous said...

This has been fixed already:

Anonymous said...

This has been fixed already:

contrabandvr on 25 Jan 2009, 01:37:00 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
contrabandvr on 26 Jan 2009, 03:36:00 said...

no longer works

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