Wednesday, January 7

Make gold as Armorsmith & Enchanter [patch 3.0.8]

As most of you already know the prices of dream shards are going to rise after patch 3.0.8 since it will be a reagent for many recipes. As many people here have stated before, it would be wise to stock up some dream shards from now and burn them to market after patch. The problem though is that the demand has already been changed in our server a lot. Two days before they were sell for 6g and now I can see the cheaper starting from 12g. It will still possibly be a profit selling them after patch for about 20g but again if it happens to be Armorsmith & Enchanter there is a cheaper way getting them.

There is a recipy named Legplates of Conquest that only needs 3 x saronite bars and 2 x crystallized earth.

The prices of saronite stack in my server varies from 40g – 50g so 45g in average. The prices of crystallized earth are about 60 silver. The cost of the craft is 7.95g and disenchants always to a dream shard.

In other words you can have this way dream shards with only 8g cost which is quite decent.

As a side note the leggings can be sold to a vendor for 9.61g so you can still make some (small) profit just from vendoring the item in case that you are not an enchanter and saronite bars prices are low enough.

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