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World of Warcraft Dupe - Using rollbacks.

Not recently ago I found a way to duplicate once characters gold to the double, doing the same way as you did in Diablo 2. By manufacturing a Rollback.

    If you are going to continue reading this I'd like to say that the method I provide in this post is hotfixed and also why they are enforcing new agreement about "crashing servers" * I heard rumors about it *

If you remember the semi-old post about how to crash northrend using an exploit called "iron dwarf spawn exploit" where you spawn huge amounts of guardians / minions it would crash the world server.

Just in case here is the post:

Let's go to the fun part.
While I was bored and questing on my death knight I suddenly disconnected and found myself rollbacked with quests everything not completed ( Wich I had turned in just a few minutes ago ), This occured at least 4 times on my server wich made me pinpoint a ~ "hum" about how many minutes you rollback and it differed from 3-6 minutes?

After reading about how to crash the server I found myself remebering how I'd use to dupe in diablo II. however in d2 I used d2hackit and packets to crash server.

So. Using this exploit to crash a server made me very happy as I thought of the amount of gold I could dupe. However due to circumstances I didn't had so much time to use this ( it got hotfixed the day after or two. )

I thought up about ideas and of course trying these out just to check if it was correct for example if your character got saved if you traveled from one world server to another and yes your character got saved / using heartstone / logging out aswell.

So I planned my masterplan and I luckily had two mates helping me out because I didn't have three accounts to do this on.

The method I used was really simple and the funny thing people tend to believe dupes are very hard and retarded to perfom but its so simple that it is infront of your eyes, you kinda see pass it.

Three accounts are going to be used in this way of duping ( I found it to be the easiest way. )

(A)One account to perform the crash
(B)+(C)two accounts trading.

All Three accounts will be in northrend. While (C) are ready to heartstone back to homeworld.
(B) trades all his gold / items to (C), (C) heartstones, exactly after (C) has dissapperad (A) will use the method to crash the northrend world server.
(A) + (B) will be rollbacked thus all the gold and items will be back on the character and (C) will also have the gold / items.

(A) will recieve a temp ban.

If you checked my other post about summoning skeletons and spawn shitloads of them You will understand im in the hunt after a new way to crash the server

This worked as planned. And now I am sharing it with you so now its up to you to hunt rollback methods.

Good Luck.

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