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Play your servers economy and make +/-500G

Here's a relatively easy guide to making a decent amount of gold without any instance running, farming, etc.

What you'll need:
1) Decent ability to talk, socialize, swindle, and so on.
2) Some rudimentary math skills.
3) Somewhere around 1200 or more gold depending on your server (at level 80 many people should have this much gold.)

Many people know it takes money to make money. This guide is a good example of this but do not be discouraged because I made 1000-2000 gold per attempt when using this guide.

Ok basically this guide works with any endgame craftable epic item, however, you need to have some basic idea of what is in demand on your server in order to better utilize this guide. I will use the example of the Titansteel Destroyer 2H mace because that is what I used. Keep in mind YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ABLE TO CRAFT ANYTHING!!

Basically what I do is gather the materials for this item which are 8xSaronite bar, 8xTitansteel bar, 2xFrost Orb. Now the Titansteel bars can be a bitch because they sell for around 250g a piece on my server! That is absolutely ridiculous. So instead of buying them I gather the materials to make a Titansteel bar and pay a miner to smelt it for me. The materials are 3xTitanium bar, 1xEternal Fire, 1xEternal Earth, 1xEternal Shadow. On my server purchasing these items adds up to about 135g. Thats a big savings over 250g, yet now your wondering how much to pay the miner for his service. Really it doesn't matter in the overall picture of this guide just be smart and don't pay something ridiculous that would cause you to lose money compared to buying the bar right off the AH. You realistically should be able to frequently get it for free or as cheap as 15-25g.

Now you should probably just buy the 2xFrozen Orbs and 8xSaronite bars directly from the AH because they are fairly cheap.

Get someone to craft the Titansteel Destroyer for you. From this point on in the guide your gonna need to utilize those social skills while playing the economy of the Auction House.

There are many ways this method has worked for me in the past:
1) Make another one for 1600g (I know thats a total of 3200g but like I said this guide brought in tons of gold for me over a 5 day span).

2) Look to see what others are selling the Titansteel Destroyer for on the AH. On my server someone was selling them for 3300g.

3) Have a friend craft one (split the overall profit with them).

The purpose is to simply have two Titansteel Destroyers on the Auction House. NEVER USE YOUR MAIN TO PUT UP YOUR ITEM. Instead, send it to an alt and have that character put in on the AH. The other one can be from you (obviously on another alt so as to ensure that people don't see 2 of them on the AH for different prices posted by the same person!). Or the other Destroyer is your partner's or some other people who have posted this item for some ridiculous price.

Have the price of one of them be around 3000g. Then put the other up for about 2800gold or so (If you get lucky enough to sell it while you go through the rest of this guide you could make 1200g!) I know this seems unreasonable but it has happened to me.

Now you'll need to use a bit of social skills and a few of WoW's nice Interface options. I usually do a /who paladin 80 and a /who warrior 80 (/who deathknight 80 is also fine). I just randomly whisper people and ask what spec they are, chat a bit or whatever. The point is to eventually ask if they have any interest in the Titansteel Destroyer. Always link it when you talk about it because people love to click on purple items and wish they had them! Sometimes I just get right to the point and my first whisper is "Hey any interest in the best crafted 2h mace in the game Titansteel Destroyer? I'm selling one atm"

They'll ask how much, what they are selling for on the AH, etc. You need to remember at this point there are 2 or more on the Auction house for 3000g or 2800g or whatever you chose. Say something such as "Well I see two on the AH. One for 3100g and another for 2800g (be honest obviously)" Then say "How does 2500g sound?" Use your imagination or whatever you want to do. You can make 500g very easily. I've never made less then 900g profit when doing this.

I understand this may seem like alot of work to make some gold. Perhaps you're frightened by the amount of gold needed to invest, or the chance that no one on your server will want to buy a Titansteel Destroyer (very unlikely on medium or higher servers). I've found in general since I've been playing this game that when you solicit sales through whispers you are ABSOLUTELY bound to stumble upon quite a few kids who are total freaking newbs and have no concept of what items are really worth.

No lie, this guide takes me about an hour and a half or less to accomplish each time (from gathering the materials to get the item crafted to finding a poor soul to buy one from me at an extremely inflated price over the materials cost).

I made 6300g from this guide in 5 days. Each day I never spent more then 2 hours per sale. As you follow this guide you WILL get better and better at it everytime. You will improve and sharpen your social skills and sales ability which will help you make more gold with each sale in less time. On my best day the whole guide took me 45 minutes.

I have been using similar strategies to this since level 40 when I would craft Green Iron Hauberks for 2g and sell them for 8g over and over.

NOW is a great time to use this guide because very few people have this item, many kids are hitting 80 each day with a ton of gold and nowhere to spend it. Finally, as with many great "scams" it will eventually no longer be useful. Your server's population will grow keen to your manipulation of the economy and you'll have to take a break or stop all together. I had to take a break on day 5 after I already sold 6 Titansteel Destroyers making a grand total of 6300 gold!

Last Note: I've often been criticized by my friends for "farming" gold by running around in Stormwind for a few hours each day manipulating the economy. The same friends who spend hours upon hours killing the same mob, or hacking away at mining/herbing nodes all day long to make their gold. The same friends that need to borrow hundreds or thousands of gold from me when it comes time for mounts, riding skills, and end-game enchants . All their farming never helps them build any social or economically savy skills. Hell, anybody can kill mobs all day.....or you can learn to become rich as a savy "business" man .

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