Saturday, January 10

Resto durid god mode: having 300% healing spell power

you must get the form "tree of life" to do this bug

1. do this quest Open for Business - Quest - World of Warcraft and get a Bloodberry Elixir

Bloodberry Elixir
Use: Increases all Stats by 15 for 2.00 hrs. Battle Elixir. This effect only works on the Sunwell Plateau.

2. shift to tree form

3. drink the Bloodberry Elixir in tree form and then drink another Battle Elixir (I drink Adept's Elixir)

4. now your tree aura's effect will be increase 300% healing spellpower instead of 6%. all the raider within your tree aura will increase 300% including bandage, healing totem, potions etc.

1. after the above procedure is done, even the Adept's Elixir effect expire the 300% aura will still here.
2. if you die or you shift to another form, the 300% aura will lost.
3. sometimes go in an instance will lost the tree aura, just go out and go in and the aura will be here again.
4. logout or enter BG wont lost the 300% aura, but enter anera will.

My healing touch is now healing 20k and 30k on critical:(6):

Dunno it is hotfixed in US server or not, but it's still working on Taiwan's server.

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