Monday, January 12

Sartharion 25 man 3 Drakes, Druid bug.

For all the guilds out there that are getting the 2nd drake down or getting close and finding out that their main tank or offtanks are getting jibbed, there is a way that you can reduce their incoming damage by 50% we used this on Sarth after the 2nd drake had died till after the melee had gone in and killed the adds inside the portal

(At that point in time Sarth has +75% fire damage, there is a raid dot, and his attack speed and damage is increased by 50%)

So Sartharion currently has 150% attack speed +50% damage and 1.5 second breaths that are still hitting for 20k'ish, at this point most tanks just get gibbed because of the pure burst damage from his insanely fast melee attack and high damage breaths.

Exploit is, Druid hurricane works on Bosses reducing their cast speed by 50% ( Making his flame breath 3 second cast, and reducing their melee attack by 50%, and 50% of his attack speed takes him from 150% Attack speed down to 75% attack speed, which make this transition of 3 drakes in 25 man that insanely easy to heal through it's really not funny anymore.

Basically the exploit is hurricane works on bosses and this counters the entire mechanics of difficulty in this encounter.

Edit: If your druid is having mana issues make sure they have omen of clarity for clearcasting, and also tank the fire adds over near sarth to help the druid proc his/her clearcasting (100% mana cost reduced on next spell) as hurricane can be mana intensive.

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