Tuesday, February 17

WoW Exploit: Recharge items that have limit charges

this bug will be useful on these items:
(actually it work on all unbounding item with limit charges, but i find these quite useful)

Drums of Panics
Discombobulator Ray
Drums of Speed
Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens
Shadow Jade Focusing Lens
Dark Jade Focusing Lens

OK now you can use above item for free as you can recharge them by pay a very little price

1. use any of it until it has one charge left
(or you can recharge it anytime, just dont use all, at least left 1 charge)

2. then use a Green Ribboned Wrapping Paper (Color doesnt matter, all Wrapping Paper will work) wrap the item.
All major city have npc vendor selling Wrapping Paper.

3. go through a city portal, or enter an instance, or hearth stone, or logout(any action that will have a loading screen)

4. now open the wrapped Gift , the item will has full charges like brand new.

5. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. You must consume one charge before you do any action mention in step3, or the charge will back to normal.

e.g. I get a Drums of Panics with only 20 charge left, I warp it into a gift in Origrammar.
I go into Ragefire Chasm and open the gift, it will have 50 charges.
If I dont use 1 charge of Drums of Panics in Ragefire Chasm and go Origrammar or hearth, it will back to 20 charge.
If I use 1 charge in Ragefire Chasm and go Origrammar or hearth, the Drums of Panics will have 49 charges.

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