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Pull anything, anywhere, within /target range

Here's a method that lets someone pull a mob (be it a simple mob or a boss) from anywhere within /target range.

The first and only catch is that you must not have done the quest in Netherstorm called Electro-Shock Goodness! (Electro-Shock Goodness! - Quest - World of Warcraft). If you have, this won't work, sorry.

In case you don't know this quest, you get an item called Navuud's Concoction (Navuud's Concoction - Item - World of Warcraft). Using this item will grant you a buff, Electro-Shock Therapy (Electro-Shock Therapy - Spell - World of Warcraft). This will make your attacks and spells proc a lightning effect 25% of the time that splits certain ooze mobs into ones that you need to kill for the quest. This lightning effect has a big (unlimited?) range, and when it triggers, it doesn't check targets so it will always proc on your current target (causing aggro) instead of the one that triggered it.
Therefore, this allows you to pull anything you can /target.

How to perform:
  • Activate Navuud's Concoction (Navuud's Concoction - Item - World of Warcraft)
  • Target the mob you want to pull
  • Spam spells/abilities that can trigger the lightning effect (most (every?) hostile ability will) until you see you have aggro
  • Optional: get rid of the buff
  • Profit

Note: only the initial cast can trigger it, not the ticks!

Most often used for pulling while no mobs are nearby:
  • Death Knight (untested): Death and Decay
  • Druid: Hurricane
  • Hunter: Volley
  • Mage: Arcane Explosion, Blizzard, ...
  • Paladin: Consecration
  • Priest: Holy Nova
  • Rogue: Fan of Knives
  • Shaman: Thunderstorm
  • Warlock: Rain of Fire
  • Warrior (untested): Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap
Also note that these spells don't have to hit anything in order to work.

If you are in combat and there are mobs around you:
Casters with spammable AoEs: spam the above-mentioned spells
Casters with timed casts: start casting a spell on a nearby target, and before it completes, target the mob you want to pull
Casters with instant/channeled casts: set your current target as a focus target, target the mob you want to pull, use macros such as /cast [target=focus] Curse of Agony
Melee: bit tricky; set your current target as a focus target, target the mob you want to pull, use macros such as /cast [target=focus] Sinister Strike

Examples for usage:
  • Pull mobs through walls and doors. For example in Naxxramas before killing Anub'rekhan to have a better chance for (Heroic: ) Arachnophobia (; or pulling Baron Rivendare in Stratholme through the door, avoiding having to kill the abominations.
  • Pull a whole lowbie instance for AoE-farming (e.g. Scarlet Monastery)
  • Pull a whole raid for a funny wipe. In Molten Core, you can pull mobs in Golemagg's room while standing in Lucifron's room, causing the whole instance to come for you. In Blackwing Lair, you can pull Chromaggus from Bloodlord Lashlayer's room, causing him and all other dragons attack you. Guaranteed to make everyone say "WTF" in /raid.
  • Put a player in combat for a short time in PvP, to prevent drinking.
  • Waste a spell reflect: the lightning proc can and will be reflected, using the reflect up (could be useful in PvP).
  • Since last patch, raid bosses that reset when they would move out of their room (leash range) will despawn for a certain amount of time. You can use this to have some time to position yourself better in the room.
  • There are possibly more, just be creative.

Words of warning, tips and tricks:
- Some bosses, when pulled, if you are too far away, will teleport you to them (Golemagg from Lucifron's room, Curator from Attumen's room, etc.), probably because the boss doesn't know how to get to you. Be careful. On second thought, you might be able to exploit this somehow (teleport straight to Curator without having to kill the others).
- Don't use this too many times in the same group. Even though GMs don't know what this is, they can see who it was that initially aggroed the boss. If someone tells everyone to report this to a GM, you can say that "It is a known issue, will be fixed next Tuesday" or that you've already made a ticket. Another possible reason you could use is that someone has an old version of the addon Proximo installed (will be explained at the end of the post).
- Pull this off when everyone's busy dealing with other targets than you. Even though most healers use healing addons such as Healbot so they won't see what you're targeting, if they see you're targeting a boss far-far away, they might get suspicious. You can use the following script to see who's targeting you:

/script for n=1,GetNumRaidMembers() do if UnitIsUnit("player","raid"..n.."target") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(UnitName("raid"..n) .. " is targeting you!") end end

- Use the item right before doing the pull and cancel the buff (right-click or /cancelaura Electro-Shock) after doing it so you have less chance of people noticing. If someone sees and asks what that Electro-Shock (Electro-Shock - Spell - World of Warcraft) buff is on you, say that it's from Stormchops (Stormchops - Item - World of Warcraft) or just make up a good explanation. Also note that neither gaining nor losing the buff is mentioned in the combat log. Proccing the effect doesn't show up either, use that to your advantage. However, getting the proc RESISTed, IMMUNEd or REFLECTed will show up! If someone's using WowWebStats, it might be spotted in the log (still, the chances that people will look at the detailed list and that they'll bother with 1-2 resists are very very low; but if they do, say it was Stormchops or you can also say that it was a proc of a trinket/weapon).
- Don't pull mobs that are close to you while not already in combat. Your group will see that you pulled if they check the mobs' target. However, the proc causes 0 (zero) aggro meaning anyone who heals you or buffs you will get the aggro instead of you.
- In the very unlikely event that a GM whispers you, act like you have no idea you were causing it. Say you kept the item and the buff because the proc looked nice.

History: This bug probably has been around since the launch of The Burning Crusade. I have never completed this quest because I liked having an extra buff on all the time and the lightning proc looked nice and had it on all the time. I've caused it multiple times per raid indeliberately and it took a long time to realize what was going on. During one of these raids, one of the members said it was Proximo causing it (don't know why). Everyone relogged to disable that and it didn't happen again (until next raid), and it's become an urban legend on our server that Proximo is causing the unwanted pulls.

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Anonymous said...

Great trick!!! I'll be using it a lot ^_^. Great fun, since in Naxx there's a place at the beginning of the plague quarter where you can target thaddius through the wall...

And pulling gluth before you actually jump in the tube... mmm.

however, how do you intend to make this work with Aracnophobia? Kill anub'rhekan, then pull Maexxna while in anub'rhekan's room?

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