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YAWR! - Yet Another WoW Radar - 3.0.8 update

YAWR! - Yet Another WoW Radar - 3.0.8a B9506 update
status: undetected

YAWR! Yet Another WoW Radar:
public release V2.02 for World of Warcraft
created by run32.dll

supported Versions:
-3.0.3 Build 9183
-3.0.8 Build 9464
-3.0.8 Build 9506

1. Open 'yawrconf.ini' with a texteditor and check the path and language of your wow-installation.
The lines 'SET wowdir' and 'SET language' MUST be correct or else YAWR! will not find your MPQ-files.
2. Start World of Warcraft
3. for security rename "YAWR.exe" to something random
4. Start YAWR!

-> *NEW: unitnamescanner, see yawrconf.ini
-> *NEW: fishpool tracking
-> *NEW: treasure tracking
-> *NEW: filters, see yawrconf.ini
-> *NEW: some critters are hidden now
-> read MPQ-files
-> read BLP2-files from harddisc or MPQ-archives (except RAW-farmat)
-> DXT1/DXT1a/DXT3/DXT5 texturecompression to keep the memory usage low
-> display minimap-textures for the following zones:
-> Azeroth
-> Kalimdor
-> Outlands
-> Northrend
-> Alterac Valley
-> *NEW Warong Gulch
-> *NEW Arathi Basin
-> *NEW Eye of the Storm
-> *NEW Zul Aman
-> *NEW Naxxramas
-> OpenGL Rendering
-> read and show Unitobjects, Playerobjects and Gameobjects

left mousebutton -> move window
Escape -> exit, the window must focus
Control + J -> toggle YAWR! to be the topmost window
Control + R -> toggle rotation on/off
Control + F6 -> change FPS-limit, 5fps-60fps in steps of five
Control + F7 -> reset windowsize
Control + Numpad * -> toggle superzoom
Control + Numpad + -> zoom in
Control + Numpad - -> zoom out
Control + Numpad 2 -> change quadsize
Control + Numpad 4 -> toggle unitnames
Control + Numpad 5 -> toggle playernames
Control + Numpad 6 -> toggle hide unknown gameobjects in quadmode
Control + Numpad 7 -> toggle quad/pointunits
Control + Numpad 8 -> toggle quad/pointplayers
Control + Numpad 9 -> toggle quadgameobjects/pointgameobject with names

white -> you
red -> enemy player
purple -> your target
green -> Units (mobs or NPCs)
light blue -> other players
dark blue -> gameobjects (pointmode only)

unable to load MPQ files?
-> open "yawrconf.ini" and set your WoW-path and language

read yawrconf.ini failed?
-> extract YAWR to a SHORT path like C:\YAWR
-> run as administrator

unable to open WoW-process?
-> World of Warcraft must be started!
-> If you're using Windows Vista right click on YAWR and choose "Run as..." or
"Run as administrator".

can't see anything?
-> increase your colordepth to 32Bit

unable to read objects, try again?
-> you are probably at the loginscreen or characterselection, log in with your character
-> WoW was closed or restarted while YAWR was starting, restart YAWR

S3TC texture compression is not available on your computer?
-> install updated graphiccard-drivers, do not use default microsoft drivers, they are crap!
-> veeery old cards (older than Geforce 1) may not support S3TC
YAWR does not work without S3TC

wrong Version?
-> unsolved problem, no solution yet, seems to be a problem with memoryreading/
insufficient privileges

-> YAWR! works out-of-process, YAWR! does not inject or modify memory

-crashbug fixed
-fixed the black lines between the minimap tiles when using the linear texturefilter
-two bugs fixed related to the minimaptextures
-Icons in Northrend are now displayed correct

-> the radar will show "wrong" herbs or chests sometimes,
-> fonts are only experimental/unfinished
-> wrong hunterpetnames
-> while using a transportvehicle the radar will show the wrong location

Virustotal. MD5: 17789df3c0b6480dfe08f9aceaf8558a


Credits to run32.dll

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