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Sha'tari Skyguard Exalted in 1 day

I am doing the 100 mount achievement and started the Skyguard yesterday morning couldn't find anything use full since WOTLK as came out. so i worked out a very easy and very fast grind pattern. I went from unfriendly to exa in 1 day

Ow to make your life easier get a add on like Quest helper or something along them lines.

***starting off***

Take the first quest Blackwind landing from the skyguard npc next to the flight path in shatt city, you will need to fly above shatt and kill 20 orgers.

once this is complete you will be sent over to skyguard ledge mount in tekkor forrest

accept all the quests that you can get and get on with them, not going to explain the quests due to there are only 5-6 and they are chained.

you will get to the part in the chain where the guy in the cage (hazzik) will start to give you quests this is where the good part comes into play.

***the grind 2000-3000rep every 20 mins***

first off you will need 6 shadow dust to hand in at the skyguard basecamp and get 1 elixier of shadows (DO NOT TAKE THIS WHEN YOU GET IT)

Now fly back into the skyguard zone, you will see tree houses and summing circles, what you will find is for every tree house there is a summing circle. So the idea is to make a perfect route, i found i start at the back and work my way forward then go to the left hand side of the map accross the river till they re spawned.

so land in a tree house pop the exiler now you can see time lost skettis, you have 20 mins to kill these, they are only around the tree houses and circles. When killing them. I found it was a 1-3 chance of them dropping a time lost page. YOU need 40 pages so your goal is not to stop grinding for 20 mins, and get 40 pages i found i would get around 40-55 per 20. (this is like the summing in silithus)

so 20 mins later you should have 40-45 pages in your bag. now go to a summing circle click it and summon 1 of the 4 mini bosses kill him, fly to another circle do the same for all 4 bosses.

now fly back to the skyguard encampment, and hand in the 4 minniboss items to the guy in the cage, the dusts you picked up to the commander,

The guy in the cage (hazzik) will give you an item that will let you do the main summon so now fly to the middle island in the lake and summon the boss.


I can solo this boss on my dk but may be very hard on other classes a guild mate of mine left an alt healer on a different account on the island.

Its tank spank to 20% he has 225khp
at 20% he will get /god mode you have to wait anything from 10-50 seconds a flare will land position him in the flare. the second the fire bombs hits the flare site he is attackable. But will enrage kill him you will get 1 blue boe or an epic boe.

(important) the skull on the isalnd re spawns every 20 mins hence why this is a 20 min circle. once you summon him even if you kill him or not the skull will despawn you will have to wait 20 mins.


20 min circle,
pop the exiler
grind mobs for the pages = 10 rep each kill and you will kill around 120 so lets say 1200rep
killing the 4 mini bosses = 400 rep
handing in mini bosses loot = 350 rep
handing in dusts i got around 12-18 per 20min run = 300 rep
killing the main boss = 500 rep

2750 this will change depending on how many dusts or kills and how many people are in the zone, but even at 2000 rep every 20 mins thats still 6000 rep an hour.

hope this helps anyone trying to get the mounts or tabard or mini pet

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