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Easy Herbalism Leveling + Tons of Gold!

Some people may think that this technique is common sense, so if you do, go ahead and save your effort in typing a flame post.

I have recently been looking through herbalism guide after herbalism guide trying to find the quickest way to level it, and after reaching around 150 skill level I got stuck. This is the part of the guide where you have to run to remote locations like the middle of STV and the coasts of desolace to try and find spawns of herbs, and some that you find there, you can't even herb them because you need 20, 10, even 5 more skill points to herb them.

Well, the other day I was running some alts through SM on my alt when I realized something, there are TONS of herbs in there, so I got on my herber character and went in to see how the leveling would be and I learned that it is an amazing alternative to running around STV trying to find spawn loacations that are never guaranteed to be there as well as having other people taking the spawns that your looking for.

The amazing thing about Scarlet Monstary is --
A - you dont need to worry about other people stealing your spawns
B - you have an infinite supply of herbs since you can reset the instance
C - there are 10 Total spawn locations spread throughout the 4 instances
---- There are 3 Spawns in SM Graveyard
---- There are 2 Spawns in SM Library
---- There is 1 Spawn in SM Armory
---- There are 3 Spawns in SM Cathedral
All of those numbers are according to my personal knowledge, there may be more.
D - Each full circuit of the instance takes 10-20 minutes [Enough time to not have to worry about the 5 instances per hour cap so you can farm for hours on end]

The herbs that you can herb from SM and their corrosponding skill levels are:
Liferoot, (150)
Fadeleaf, (160)
Goldthorn, and (170)
Khadgar's Whisker(185)

Ok, so you say "Yeah this is actually a pretty good idea to level, but how does it make you tons of gold?"

On my server, The current prices are ~40G/Stack for these herbs, and when posted on the AH they usually sell within minutes. This is due to the herbs being in the level range where there aren't alot of alts, and even less of those alts have herbalism, most people either don't have the attention span to level past this range, or on the opposite end they are very determined to level and just fly past this level range, and usually they don't level professions till they are a higher level. However, just because there aren't many herbers, there is a huge demand for these herbs because some of the best glyphs in the game are created from pigment that can only be milled from these herbs.

Basic economics tells us that this concept of Low Supply combined with High Demand = A TON OF GOLD!

Ok, I'm done rambling, I hope that this was able to help some of you and that this will supply you with that extra gold you need.

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