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Jewelcrafting Trick: Thousands of gold - almost no effort.

This is just a short guide on how you can make easy money as a Jewelcrafter (as if it wasn't easy enough).

Basically you get a LOAD of saronite ore (I mine it in Icecrown...but buying it, getting it from your guild bank or w/e will work I suppose) This is an investment for the future.

EDIT: You can use a bot to mine loads, but I've been wary of botting recently...

Ok, now that you have your ore, prospect it all

You should get LOTS of green gems and quite a few blue ones. You're going to make the blue gems into high quality and sell them on the AH.

Say you have 10 monarch topaz gems to sell, they sell for 150g each, that's already 1500g. (depending on server economy)

But of course every Jewelcrafter knows that this is the normal way to make moolah with JC'ing. HOWEVER, this is just a little extra money that you'll be making.

Remember all those green gems? KEEP THEM! Every day go to the Jewelcrafting trainer in Dalaran and get the daily. You should have the gems on you and only need the item (Scourge Curio, for example) so fly outta Dalaran and go get the item and turn in the daily.

Using the Token you got, go buy a Dragon's Eye from the JC shop. Now, on my server these are selling for 330g AFTER I've undercut everyone else. And because I have so many green gems I can do the daily in around 5 minutes every day for 2 weeks or so. (Before I need to go mining again)

So 14x300= 4200
4200+1500 = 5700.

I don't know about you but 5700g is worth about half an hours work over 2 weeks. And once you got more ore you can keep doing this.

Lemme know what you guys think of the guide

(And yeah it might be common sense..but hey..every guide started with some common sense)

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