Wednesday, February 11

World of Warcraft Wintergrasp exploit

Ok, so i was doing wintergrasp and horde controled wintergrasp (Im alliance). I flew up to icecrown 1 minute before game, and dove in with my flying mount. I went up to the spot where cannon's spawn. (I was going to kill it as it spawned).

So the game starts... horde have control im alliance.. im spamming right click where the cannon will spawn at and it allows me to jump in it and shoot down other cannons.

Why is this an exploit? Well horde control the base and only they should be able to use the cannons. So, just go to a cannon spawn before game starts and you can get in it a second before it turns over.

1. Go to WG before game starts
2. stand on cannon spawn of opposing faction
3. click
4. get in destroy shit

This works in 3.09 patch

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