Tuesday, February 10

World of Warcraft Alchemist money schemes, guaranteed profit

OK, so this isn't really anything in-depth, nor is it probably surprising, but for alchemists I find (specially at the minute with all the socketed T7 and T7.5 gear) that we're officially rolling in it with our diamonds. My favourites at the minute are Earthsiege Diamond and Skyflare Diamond.

For whatever reason, Chalcedony, Bloodstone, Dark Jade and Huge Citrine are a steal at level 80 - I'm picking up 20 of each for a combined 10g at times. The eternals, however, can cost anything from 22g to 40g, so it's either a case of picking your spot or just going for it and making slightly less of a profit. In my case, I find farming the area in the south-east of Wintergrasp fantastic for Crystallized Fire, 10 of which make the Eternal Fire you need for your Earthsiege. These tend to sell for more for me, so I'll stick with these.

Let's say you can't be bothered farming WG and the opposing faction coming and killing you while you're busy. You go to the AH and buy an eternal fire for usually circa 35g. With the other mats you'll have paid roughly 5g for the materials to make 20 diamonds. I don't suggest getting 20 eternal fire at once - though you may. If you average it out, you're paying around about 12 silver for one of each, so 25silver for one huge citrine and one dark jade, plus your 35g for an eternal fire. so you've spent under 36g on materials. Wanna know a secret?


The diamond sells on AH (99% of the time at least) for at least 85. I've never sold one for less than 85g.

Now, the Skyflare on the other hand doesn't so quite as well in terms of the amount of gold it brings back in. But Eternal Air is a steal comparatively at around about 22g. The diamond it self can range from anywhere between 30g - 55g, so this time it's a case of playing the AH and picking your best time.

The only possible way you could NOT make money doing this is if you a) overpay for materials; b) undercut too low; or c) post a huge amount at a time, thus decreasing demand and therefore constantly need to re-list and pay deposit prices.

Of course, this is a high-level guide, but I figured for any end-game characters going for their epic mounts, this is a nice way to boost your gold toward that final goal

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