Monday, February 9

Double length polymorphs in arena.

Durring arena I met a team with a mage, nothing unusual, however when he Polymorphed me first time he used "Black cat", a spell learned for a silly ammount of gold from Dalaran.

After it got dispelled by my priest, he repolymorphed me, but as a sheep, same again my priest displled it.

Now for the third sheep, he used Black cat again, which then polymorphed me for 4 seconds, (it should now be 2 from diminishing returns).

He then proceeded to polymorph me for 4 seconds using Black cat!

And again, sheep for 2 seconds

Cat for 2 seconds.

Baisicly, I think at the moment the old Polymorphs, and the Black cat one do not share the same diminishing returns, as I was polymorphed repeatedly for an insane ammount of time in the arena.

If a mage with black cat could test and confirm or deny, would be great, however I wanted to post in Elite as if it is a legit exploit we want to keep it to ourselfs


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